Candidates Night

People Living in the Town of Shoshoni will have the following people to vote for…

District: Senate District 20 Vote for 1 Office: State Senator

Theresa Livingston Worland Democratic

Ed Cooper Ten Sleep Republican

Roland Luehne Thermopolis Republican

Linda Weeks Basin Republican

District: House District 28 Vote for 1 Office: State Representative

Levi J. Shinkle Thermopolis Democratic David Bayert Basin Republican

John R. Winter Thermopolis Republican Incumbent

District: Commissioner District 2 Vote for 1 Office: Commissioner

Larry Allen Lysite Republican

Margaret Wells Dubois Republican

District: Shoshoni Municipal District Office: Shoshoni

Council Member (Unexpired 2 yr. Term) Vote for 1

Ronald W. Ankeny

Jacob Z. Stetler

Office: Shoshoni Council Members (4 yr. Term) Vote for 2

Kathy Blair

Ken Cundall

Mike Dimick

Bob Zent